It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Well we’re back and ready to give you all of the updates, with the stuff and the things and such!!

Hatch-It! Kickstarter

Have you donated to our Kickstarter yet? It ends soon, so you don’t have much time left! There are some awesome new things on the site, so if you haven’t checked it out recently, I recommend you do so! There’s the demo, a new gameplay video describing the new art style, and much more! So why not check it out? You know you want to…

But before that, why not watch our new PSA?

Indie On Indie

Indie On Indie is back! We are getting back on track with our 2 a week schedule, so be ready! This week, we premiered a new series, Pom Gets Wi-Fi and had the finale for The Cave. If you haven’t checked out Indie On Indie before, you should give it a look! Back to our normal schedule, we will be posting a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday!

Family Poll

This week’s Family Poll was ” Who wins ‘The (Updated) Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny?'”

  • Ultimate Showdown Tom: Chris Volpe
  • Chris: Mr. Rogers in a Blood Stained Sweater
  • Wes: Jigglypuff
  • Cody: Luigi’s Deathstare
  • Jillian: Frank the Pug
  • Alex: Nolan
  • Guan:
  • Victor: Y (VictorY)
  • Jake: Frank the Pug’s Stage 4 Pug Cancer
  • Nolan: Cynacism
  • Katie: Me
  • Lucia: Wha? (Don’t worry, she is now versed in the video)
  • Josh: The Queen
  • Jon: Justin Bieber
  • Roystan:
  • Justice: Light Yagami

And that’s a wrap for The Update! As always, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter to be constantly updated with everything MVG, such as Indie On Indie, WMVG and The Update.