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If you didn’t catch it, we missed the goal for the Hatch-It! Kickstarter. We would like to thank all of our friends who believed in our cause! We recently had a meeting to try to keep the game on track, and we have a few plans that will make sure we are still delivering the product that all of you and ourselves expect in our release. We are really looking forward to sharing upcoming news about the game!

Thumbs Up


On this episode of WMVG, the team found the zone and didn’t get even close to talking about everything they had planned. This made the podcast much better than anything that we could’ve planned! You can give it a listen right now! Also, don’t forget about our special 25th episode of WMVG that will be completely devoted to Retro Gaming! We’re all excited for it and we hope you are too!

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Indie On Indie

Indie On Indie tried something a little different this week. Introducing First Player, a heavily edited video series that focuses on newer titles and only one episode per title. We’re looking forward to this new venture and couldn’t have had a greater first episode with Watch Dogs! Within the first 5 minutes of playing there was a (kinda) living trunk ornament, traffic light related explosions, and blown up fences! You can watch it below, we’re really proud of it as a proof of concept and can’t wait to show off more (relevant) titles! Let us know what you think!

MVG Family Poll

This week’s Family Poll was “EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY!! WHO’S NEXT?!”

Who's Next


  • Tom: Zombies vs. Spoangiform Encepjalopathy
  • Chris: You vs. Me
  • Wes: Gordon Freeman vs. GLaDOS
  • Cody: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
  • Jillian: Sofia Loren vs. Scarlett Johansson
  • Alex: Alex vs. Nolan
  • Guan: Guan vs. Chao
  • Victor: Big O vs. Gypsy Danger
  • Jake: Captain Planet vs. Al Gore
  • Nolan: Nolan vs. Alex
  • Katie: Hitler vs. My Fist
  • Lucia: The Fox vs. Speech
  • Josh: The Queen vs. George Washington
  • Jon: One Direction vs. The Beatles
  • Roystan: Ryan Gosling vs. Shrekula

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