We Are Multivarious Games!

A collective gamers, nerds, and dreamers who want to make their hometown Columbus, Ohio the next hot spot for gaming. We are heavily involved in the GameDev Community in Columbus and try to create and host plenty of gaming centered events throughout the year. We also work with other big names in Columbus such as Nationwide Children’s Hospital, The Ohio State University, and Independent’s Day Festival to do really awesome things to showcase the power of video games!

So come check out what we do, play a game or two, maybe listen to a podcast, and Let’s Make Games!


We’re incredibly involved with the gaming community in Ohio! Check out some of the things we are involved in below!


Did you come here for the newest episode of WMVG? Maybe you want to watch Indie On Indie, or read one of our blogs. Then are you in the right place! Click here to go to our podcasting portal!


The Central Ohio Gamedev Group, or COGG, is Ohio’s largest game development meetup group! Come meet other developers, aspiring and professional, and chat about what we all love, Games!


The Midwest’s premiere video game convention, GDEX is the showcase of game development in both Ohio and the Midwest overall!

Other Events

Want to know what other gaming events are going on in Columbus? Click here to find out where Multivarious will be for their next event!

Need Dev Work?

Do you need help creating an app or game for your company? Maybe you need some help with assets for the game you’re working on? We can help with that! Check out some of our past projects and partners then get a hold of us below!


Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A-List Plus

Animal Media Group

The Ohio State University

Mega Moves

Running Injury Clinic

Columbus Idea Foundry

Blog & Podcast

No Mercy Dev Blog #1

Hey everyone! We've had an amazingly successful first week to our Kickstarter for No Mercy; we've raised over $20,000--over 2/3 of our goal! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. We needed to come up with new backer tiers to replace the ones that sold...

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Anonymous:Help how do I join discord?Hey anon, to join the No Mercy Discord, you can just click this link, and that should do...

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Anonymous:is Kevin wearing shorts or boxersBoxers.

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Anonymous:How would you rate No Mercy on a G-R scale? (G being guidance and R restricted, like with movies)Currently, it’s probably an ‘E’ actually because there isn’t any swearing or blood, but there will probably be blood eventually. My guess is the ‘T’...

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Anonymous:how much will the game cost? or will it be free?$15! Making games for free not only means we all starve but means we can’t make any other games in the future, making games is hard work...

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Anonymous:Does Elliot have a ponytail? In some pictures it looks like he does.I’ve been drawing him with a ponytail in some and without one in others, I like him both ways and will probably always vary official art back and forth so both are canon...

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Anonymous:What if I want to pledge more than once?I think you can? I’m not actually sure that’s a better question for kickstarter...

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Anonymous:Do you only get bragging rights for pledging $500 or more?No, you get a full set of trading cards, vinyl, and I think the biggest thing is you get some original art drawn by me and printed/signed/shipped to you that only you will get. And the 1,000 tier lets...

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Anonymous:Will No Mercy run on a Mac?Yes! Though depending on how old the Mac is there are some known bugs right now. You can join our discord server to talk about any problems you’re...

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Anonymous:Hi there! I have a question about one of the pledges on Kickstarter. I don't live in Columbus, but I DO live in Ohio, and would be able to pick the items up. Would I be able to do one of the Columbus Local pledges this way? It's okay if not, I just wanted to...

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