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What is No Mercy?

No Mercy follows the story of four main characters, Elliot, Ray, Belle, and Orion, as they work to cleanse the forest and restore balance. Use their different weapons and powers to crush anything that stands in your way, and explore the surrounding levels for hidden secrets. Bursting with vibrant art and interlocking character arcs, No Mercy draws both you and the characters deeper into the heart of a forest under siege.

Your only hope lies in each other, but everyone has something valuable to lose. In a story of love, trust, and a fourth wall-breaking bird person named Kevin, you must work together to save the forest, your friends, or at the very least, your life.

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Dev Blog

What’s Up in No Mercy Land

Hey guys, we're all still hard at work on No Mercy! As you can see above the lovely Belle and her guardian Bit are all textured up and ready for animation soon. Orion is in the process of being modeled and should be ready for texture soon too. Our programmers have...

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No Mercy Dev Blog #1

Hey everyone! We've had an amazingly successful first week to our Kickstarter for No Mercy; we've raised over $20,000--over 2/3 of our goal! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us. We needed to come up with new backer tiers to replace the ones that sold...

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Join Discord

Anonymous: Help how do I join discord? Hey anon, to join the No Mercy Discord, you can just click this link, and that should do...

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Kickstarter Launch (Tumblr)

Our Kickstarter is Live! After months of hard work, my team and I are very proud to present our Kickstarter for No Mercy! There’s a playable download available so please give it a try, check out the kickstarter, and leave us any feedback in our discord if you...

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Hey guys! Our kickstarter is coming up soon, so I’m working on drawing stuff for it 🙂 swing by twitch to ask questions and chill for the night. Stream is over but the rest still applies :)You can help us prepare for the kickstarter by signing up for our totally...

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Zoho Small Biz

Vote here! (you can vote from multiple devices if you feel so inclined haha) Literally the company with the highest votes wins so every vote counts! We greatly appreciate your time...

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Community Question: Anonymous

How is it going? I haven't seen an update for a while. - Anonymous It’s going well! We’ve been pretty swamped working on the game and I personally (elentori) have been busy with personal life on top of it. This upcoming week expect a lot of No Mercy updates though!...

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Update: June 24, 2016

thestandingbass: no-mercy-game: Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of blog activity lately, we’ve all been working super hard on No Mercy and our company Multivarious Games will be showing off the rough demo we have at Indy Popcon this weekend in Indianapolis! If...

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