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Multivarious Releases Kickstarter for their Next Project “No Mercy”

A Modern Brawler with Meaningful Characters and Narrative

COLUMBUS, OH – The game development studio Multivarious has released a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming brawler, No Mercy.

Running from February 8 to March 15, the project is quickly gaining steam on the crowdfunding platform, raising over 50% of their $30,000 goal in the first 3 days of the campaign. It is currently featured in the “Projects We Love” curated List by the Kickstarter Staff and was the top project in the “New and Noteworthy” Video Game tag on its campaign’s second day.

No Mercy follows the story of four main characters, Elliot, Ray, Belle, and Orion, as they work to cleanse the forest and restore balance. Use their different weapons and powers to crush anything that stands in your way, and explore the surrounding levels for hidden secrets. Bursting with vibrant art and interlocking character arcs, No Mercy draws both you and the characters deeper into the heart of a forest under siege.

The game, which is a modern take on arcade classics such as Turtles in Time, X-Men, and The Simpsons, sets to take the established gameplay of the brawler genre and add a discoverable narrative, that allows players to dive as deep into the lore of the game that they choose. The developers are also attempting to make the game play completely differently based on the character they choose.
Multivarious tried to do some unique things with their Kickstarter to help encourage participation from their fans in any way possible. To help achieve this, the team has created an Experience System for their backers. Through this system, backers are rewarded with little treats such as an in-game companion modeled after the office dog or an embarrassing photo from the Office Holiday Party. Backers unlock more XP through both campaign milestones, such as $15,000 raised in a week or selling out of Limited Edition tiers, and through interact with the campaign by sharing the No Mercy hashtag or submitting fan art to the team, creating a unity of the fan base to help make the campaign even better.

The team is also hosting ongoing contest where aspiring artists and designers can submit ideas for a monster that players can fight within the game. Once the competition ends, the developers will choose their top 5 designs and allow Kickstarter Backers and their followers on social media to vote on which one will make it into the game. The team will then redesign the winning project to feature it in the final product. The Monster Design Contest ended on February 17, 2017, and the team is currently voting on their favorite entries to present to the public.

Multivarious has also released a demo of their game so players can try the game before they put money in the campaign. The team is also making active updates to this demo as the campaign carries on so players can experience a slice of the development process through the campaign. There is also plans for sprints to bring feature requests from their players, making them an active part of the development process.

The Kickstarter is currently running until March 15. You can learn more about No Mercy, become a backer on its Kickstarter, or try the demo at the game’s website:

Serving as the focal point for the game industry in Ohio, Multivarious is working to make Columbus the next hotspot for video game development and the leader in the Midwest of a growing community of creative and innovative developers. On top of creating their own projects, Multivarious hosts the local gamedev professional meetup, COGG, organizes the annual gaming expo, GDEX, and has just opened the first Video Game and Creative Tech Collaborative Space, The Sandbox. You can find more information about Multivarious and everything they do at