Nice to Meet You!

Chris Volpe

Partner / President

Chris is the co-founder of Multivarious Games, the leading game development company in Columbus, OH. He is also the President and Co-Founder of the Ohio Game Developer Association which strives to build a community of game development and turn Columbus into the Silicon Valley of Video Games. He is also the Director of Operations for Game-U, an educational company where industry professionals teach kids how to develop video games using industry software, STEM learning techniques and soft skill development.

Chris is enthusiastic about technology and innovation, and stays up to date on the latest industry trends in software and devices, in particular in the video game and healthcare spaces. He is driven to discover the best solutions possible to improve the lives of people. He has been involved in a variety of initiatives to promote and push health and wellness forward through innovative project development.

Wes Adams

Partner / Chief Design Officer


Tom Allenbaugh

Partner / Lead Programmer

Tom is the team’s lead programmer and technical designer. He received a B.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from The Ohio State University in 2014, and has been making games and other software projects since before 2011.

Well-versed in a variety of different languages, platforms and technologies, Tom approaches development with a creative enthusiasm and enjoys the ever-evolving nature of the craft. When working on external projects, Tom is capable of effectively wearing the hats of project manager and client point-of-contact. He strives to make understanding cutting edge technology accessible to all.

Laura Lee Cooper

Partner / Lead 3D Artist


Katie (@elentori)

Partner / Lead Artist


Cody Starcher

Partner / Producer

When he was in High School, Cody was going to be a Rockstar! But just to be safe, he needed a fallback plan, which was video games (because when you can’t get a job in an incredibly hard industry, your backup should be an equally hard industry!). While attending THE Ohio State University, Cody ran into Multivarious in a class he took on a whim. After their presentation on Game Development, he ran up to them with his name, number, and email hastily scrawled on a piece of paper. For some reason, they took him in.

Since then, Cody has become incredibly involved in community endeavors to increase visibility of gaming in Columbus, such as being a writer for Columbus Underground, as an Organizer of the Central Ohio Gamedev group, or COGG, and a lead organizer for the annual GDEX gaming expo. He’s currently the Producer of Multivarious’ next project No Mercy, as well as working on growing the community through the new Video Game Coworking Space, The Sandbox. When Cody isn’t working, he’s probably sleeping, playing D&D, or getting bit by his kitten, Cooper.

Alex Patton

Senior Programmer


Shannon Frechen

Technical Artist


Jon Gazda

Writing & Music


Will Handford

Video Production & Voice Talent


Bria Davis

Design & Community Outreach