No Mercy at Matsuricon 2017

Pocky, rhythm games, cosplay.

It’s always a blast to see what the pop culture fandoms have been up to, but Matsuricon is extra sweet because we get to meet you guys! A hearty hello and extra-warm thanks to everyone who came by the Multivarious booth to play our demo of No Mercy. We had such a great time chatting with you all about No Mercy, GDEX, and all manners of geekery.

We were also fortunate enough to connect with many of you in two of Matsuricon’s many panels:

  • In “Making it as an Indie Dev” No Mercy Producer Cody Starcher teamed up with Jay Kidd (Collapsus, Physix), COGG regular Todd Barchok (Isotower), and Shawn Tanner (Soda Dungeon) to talk about how they got into the game industry and how aspiring developers might do the same.

    (PSST! Keep an eye out for an upcoming series of posts on that very topic.)
  • No Mercy artist Katie (@elentori) ran the panel "Digital Painting with Elentori," where she held a live-drawing session. A special thanks to everyone who brought their art-related questions to the panel. When we help each other push through creative obstacles, the entire field gets better as a result! 

Thanks again to Matsuricon's organizers for all of their hard work, to the countless volunteers who make an amazing event like this possible, and to all of the convention attendees and Multivarious fans we met over the course of the weekend!

We hope to see you around in the future. (At GDEX 2017, perhaps?)

- Lindsay