Check out Multivarious CEO Chris Volpe in this month’s issue of Columbus CEO!

Credit: Rob Hardin,  Columbus CEO

Credit: Rob Hardin, Columbus CEO

Curious about what Multivarious has been up to these days? Wondering about the state of game development in the Midwest?

In this month’s issue of Columbus CEO, Multivarious CEO Chris Volpe talks Ohio’s gaming scene, GDEX, Multivarious’ serious Microsoft Kinect skills, and the deepening relationship between game technology and medical research, and more.

If I go into too much more detail, I risk spoiling Columbus CEO writer Mary Sterenberg’s beautiful prose. (Okay, okay, okay. I can’t help myself. There’s also a pretty sweet shout-out to the Ohio University's Business of Games Summit in there too. That’s all the spoilers I’m going to give—scout’s honor.)

You can pick up a copy of Columbus CEO at any of Columbus’ many Barnes & Noble bookstores or catch the article on their website.