PS5 STILL 3 Years off



I saw this article from Gamestop this morning and thought it would be interesting to discuss as this has been something that my students and I have had numerous discussions about. It is my belief that the PS4 has been selling so well, even with the introduction of the XBOX One X as a technically superior machine. Even with the new powerhouse from Microsoft, the PS4 is still selling around a 2:1 ratio and is on target to break the lifetime PS3 sales by the end of 2018 to mid 2019. With such a rate of console sales for the PS4/PS$ Pro, Sony is really under no pressure to produce a more advanced console to compete with it's rivals.

The other factor to take into account is the adoption rate of 4k tvs and the challenges of creating 4k content. Both of these consoles have been pushing 4k as the next graphical frontier. And though I agree that there has been some beautiful 4k visuals created, there are very few 4k tvs in peoples homes, and perhaps more importantly, there are some graphically breathtaking games in 1080p (see the new God Of War (2018) or the Witcher 3 from 2015). 

With all this being said, it seems only logical that Sony will continue it's current cycle to try and grab as many sales as possible for the PS4 family, thus delaying the initial costs of development and manufacturing for the PS5, and simultaneously being able to release a much technically beefier system so that they can (1) further outgun the Xbox One X, and (2) create a much clearer differentiation and value proposition compared to the PS4 Pro.

- chris