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We Are Multivarious

Founded in 2011, we wanted to attempt to create games in Columbus, Ohio. Since then we have banded together with our team and our community to help push Columbus to be the Silicon Valley of Gaming. Whether we're working on our own projects, helping corporate partners use Gaming Technologies in new environments, or pushing the spotlight on the Columbus community through various social events or community endeavors, we'll be on the constant pursuit to create unique experiences and help show games as the art form we believe they are.

Let's Make Games!


No Mercy follows the story of four main characters, Elliot, Ray, Belle, and Orion, as they work to cleanse the forest and restore balance. Use their different weapons and powers to crush anything that stands in your way, and explore the surrounding levels for hidden secrets. Bursting with vibrant art and interlocking character arcs, No Mercy draws both you and the characters deeper into the heart of a forest under siege.


The Midwest's Premiere Gaming Expo

GDEX is an annual spotlight of Indie Game Development across the nation. Whether you’re someone who is looking to get into the industry, a seasoned veteran, or just someone who loves video and board games, there is something for everyone. We take pride in being the platform to help indie developers showcase their passions to the world. Featuring dev’s from across the country, there is always something new to play at GDEX!

EXPO: SEP 30 – OCT 1 | DEV DAY: SEP 29